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Mark Belter, a passionate entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in building successful businesses and startups.

Mark Belter was born in Ohio in 1974 and had a fun and adventurous childhood growing up, taking family vacations and camping trips with my siblings. In high school, he played football and made a conscious effort to be kind to everyone, regardless of social status. Mark attended Tiffin University to pursue a career in teaching and play football but ended up switching colleges to Toledo University to focus solely on teaching. However, Mark eventually dropped out and moved back home to start working.

Mark have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have started over 17 businesses in various fields, from real estate to mortgage and title companies. Being a business enthusiast, he  invested in stocks and real estate and have learned a great deal from my experiences. He enjoy taking on new challenges and building companies from the ground up. When someone asks this passionate Entrepreneur that he I want to start a new business or venture, he always say, “let’s try it” and dive in headfirst. Some ventures have been successful, others have been mediocre, and some have been downright terrible, but Mark have learned from every experience.

Mark’s passion for entrepreneurship has led him to start this blog, where he shares his experiences and insights into the world of startups. Mark is hopeful to inspire and guide others who are on the path to building their own businesses. Through his writing, Mark want to share his thoughts on life, business, and everything in between, and provide advice that can help others succeed in their ventures.

Thank you for joining Mark on this journey. We look forward to sharing Mark’s experiences with you and hope that his insights can be helpful in your entrepreneurial journey.

Professional Credentials

Educational and Professional Credentials

  • Educational Background:

    • Attended Tiffin University for Criminal Justice and played football
    • Transferred to Toledo University to become a teacher

    Professional Experience:

    • Owned over 17 businesses in different fields, including successful mortgage and title businesses
    • Invested in stocks and real estate

    Personal Life:

    • Chooses to always put his family first and make sure he is always here for his boys and wife
    • Enjoys writing as a way to express his thoughts and feelings and uses social media for updates, pictures of kids, and family stuff

More About me

  • Born in Ohio in Tiffin1974 with a fun and adventurous childhood growing up
  • Had two siblings, an older brother Jeff and a younger sister Melinda, with many great childhood memories growing up
  • Enjoyed High School and played high school football, and always tried to be a very nice and kind person to everyone he met
  • Believes it is much easier to be happy and treat people kindly than to be negative or in a bad mood, and tries to be as kind and happy as he can be every day
  • Hopes his kids find a job they love, a passion for something, or build their own business, and encourages entrepreneurship.

Connect with Mark Belter

Thank you for visiting my blog on entrepreneurship! As someone who has owned over 17 businesses in different fields, invested in stocks and real estate, and ran successful mortgage and title businesses, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and helping others achieve success in their own ventures. My goal with this blog is to share insights and advice on entrepreneurship and startups, as well as my personal experiences and journey as an entrepreneur. I hope my posts inspire and encourage you to pursue your own entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s build and grow our businesses together!


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