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Welcome to, a blog dedicated to exploring the world of entrepreneurship and sharing personal experiences and insights. As an entrepreneur at heart and a family man, Mark Belter has owned over 17 businesses and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we dive into the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, the importance of family, and the pursuit of happiness. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we hope our stories and lessons learned will inspire and guide you on your own journey.

Who is it for?

The blog is for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, family life, and personal growth. The author, being a dad and husband himself, values spending time with his family above all else. The blog will cover his life experiences, his childhood memories, and his journey as an entrepreneur, from owning 17 businesses to investing in stocks and real estate. The author believes that having kids changes one's perspective on life, and he prioritizes his family's well-being and happiness. The blog will offer life lessons, career insights, and topics that may be helpful to readers, their families, and the author's own family if he is ever not around. The blog aims to inspire and motivate its readers to pursue their passions, create their own businesses, and prioritize their families.

Mark Belter

Mark Belter

Mark Belter was born in 1974 in Tiffin , Ohio, and grew up with his older brother Jeff and younger sister Melinda. He had a fun and adventurous childhood, filled with family vacations and camping adventures. In high school, Mark played football and enjoyed his time there. He was always a very nice and kind person to everyone he met and was friends with both popular and non-popular kids.

After high school, Mark attended Tiffin University to play football, but eventually moved on to Toledo University to become a teacher. However, he ended up stopping his studies and started working instead. Mark is an entrepreneur at heart and has owned over 17 businesses, including a successful mortgage and title business. He invested in stocks and real estate, and his experiences taught him a lot about starting and running businesses in different fields. 

Mark became a father in 2002 and that changed his perspective on life. He met his wife, Jenette, in 2008, and they had three boys in 2011, 2012, and 2014. Mark always puts his family first and wants to provide them with the best life possible. He enjoys writing and expresses his thoughts and feelings through writing. He has tried to start a blog or website multiple times to leave memories and thoughts for his family, just in case he is not there to share them with them.


Mark believes that it takes more energy to be mad or negative than to be kind and happy. He tries to be as kind and happy as he can be each day. He wishes he could talk to his dad again and ask him questions about his life and views. Mark wants his kids to have something to look back on if he ever unexpectedly is gone, so he plans to post life lessons, career stuff, family vacations, and other topics that might be helpful to them and others.

Meet Mark Belter

Mark Belter is a 34-year-old entrepreneur based in Tiffin, Ohio. He is the founder and CEO of a successful tech startup that specializes in developing cutting-edge software for the healthcare industry. Mark has a background in computer science and has worked as a software engineer for several large companies before starting his own business.

Mark is passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives, particularly in the healthcare sector. He is highly driven and motivated, and has a reputation for being a hard worker who is always looking for ways to innovate and improve his products. He is also known for being a good communicator and collaborator, and for his ability to inspire and lead his team.

 In his free time, Mark enjoys hiking, playing basketball, and reading books about technology and entrepreneurship. He is also involved in various community organizations and is committed to giving back to the community through charitable work.

 Mark is looking to work with a consultant who can help him grow his business and take it to the next level. He is particularly interested in marketing and sales strategies, as well as in exploring new markets and partnerships. He is looking for someone who can bring fresh ideas and insights to the table, and who can work collaboratively with him and his team to achieve their goals.

Learn About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating, developing, and running a business venture in order to make a profit. It involves identifying a need in the market, developing a product or service to meet that need, and then bringing it to market. Entrepreneurship is often associated with risk-taking, innovation, and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, there are a number of resources available to you. One of the best ways to learn about entrepreneurship is to start your own business. This will give you firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

There are also many books, courses, and online resources available that can help you learn more about entrepreneurship. These resources can provide you with valuable insights into the mindset and skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur, as well as practical advice on topics such as business planning, marketing, and financial management.

In addition, many universities and business schools offer programs in entrepreneurship that can provide you with a comprehensive education in the subject. These programs may include courses in business strategy, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship theory and practice.

Ultimately, the best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to immerse yourself in the world of business and to seek out opportunities to learn from successful entrepreneurs. Whether through networking, mentorship, or simply observing the strategies and tactics of successful entrepreneurs, there is always something to be learned from those who have achieved success in the world of business.

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